A few random things about me.

1)Football-Has to be God’s gift to man.Sometimes it becomes an obsession.I used to be a cricket fanatic(deep down I still am ) and then FIFA World Cup 2002 happened.The sight of Ronaldo(the actual bald ‘goal machine’ ) making a mockery of every defence pulled me to love the sport and the love affair hasn’t stopped yet.

2)I used to lead a monotonous life during IIT-JEE days and then IIST happened.Nothing has been normal since then.I repeat.Nothing.

3)I have never really understood the utility of nail polish.

4)I can’t really talk for long hours on the phone.How guys with girls can manage that is still a miracle to me.

5)My mom believes the world would have been a better place had the majority of Government been represented by women.I second her.Women empowerment!

6)When I was a child I was told there were eggs in a sardar’s turban.I removed my friends turban in class 1.There were no eggs.

7)Birthdays are hyped.Big deal if you were born on that particular day.That is testosterone talking.

8)I guess I am the only person in the world who does not find Tom and Jerry funny.

9)Sophistication adds to beauty.I find Arundhati Roy,Brinda Karat,Nafisa Ali beautiful for the reason mentioned.

10)I have recently started reading astrology columns on a friend’s advice.They are scarily accurate sometimes.

11)The roots of this statement may lie in sympathetic dogma.I believe Kashmir should be separate country.Sadly,patriotism,politics and humanity cannot co-exist.

12)I think we are under American imperialism.As a matter of fact,I think the whole world is.

13)I love food.I love meat.Vegetarianism is beyond my intellectual capabilities.I only have respect for people who can live off plants,vegetables and grass all their life.


-India winning the cricket world cup in 2011.A boyhood dream come true.There is/will be only one Sachin Tendulkar.

-Frank Lampard scoring the deciding penalty against Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League semi-finals in 2008 after the death of his mother in the previous week.Never felt such strong emotions while watching a sport.Every sport has it’s lion heart.

-Chelsea winning the premiership in 2009/2010.

15)I wrote this to kill time.And the eulogy follows “As long as there is time,there is a need to kill.”


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