I haven’t upadated my blog in quite sometime.Blame it on the bucketloads of bullshit involved with the 4 year long joke called ‘engineering’.I hope to update my blog often,atleast for the next few days.Blame it on the month long bliss called end semester vacations.
This blogpost is a random rant,so back off if you are not in the mood to hear some muppet bashing.To be honest,this is one kick-ass way of removing your frustration.
It is about facepalms and the many *facepalm* situations people around you offer oh-so-generously.For those of you having no idea as to what a facepalm is *double facepalm*.

To start off,
Faceplam-To all the people who type like this
It wazz a rockin nite,mah frnds n me had loadz of fun.”


“U were lukin gouguz .”
“Gt my assgn qckly,plzz.”
Seriously,would it kill you to use vowels in your words?There is reason as to why words ending with ‘s’ are not spelt with the last letter as ‘z’.Because they end with a god-damn ‘s’.

Facepalm-If you still listen to Westlife,Backstreet boys,Chammak Challo,Luda Chris and love Megadeth at the same.Develop a taste for Christ’s sake.

Facepalm-If you still think computer gaming is for kids.Applies for comics as well.

Facepalm-If you hate non-vegetarians just because your stomach cannot digest the sight of seeing animals being devoured as delicacies.

Facepalm-If you have porn opened in another tab.

Facepalm-If you’ve ever replied with “Get Idea” whenever the opposite person merely states “No,Idea”

Facepalm-If your status update at any point of time was “Missing my friends 😦 “ or “Feeling low,don’t ask.”
A double facepalm if you have even thought of putting up a status update like “Had a wonderful time with @xyz(tagging the guy/girl) “.
What in the world is wrong with such people?We get it ,you went to some fuckall place and ate some pizza or shit.
Facepalm-For all those girls who go “mwah mwah,miss you”  on the pictures of other girls.Seriously,what is wrong with you people?Go on,give it a try in real life.

Facepalm-If you are reading this in an ‘Internet Explorer’.

And finally,facepalm-For the clusterfuck who think patriotism is eating Indian food,supporting every cause that you come across or changing your display picture on the 15th of August or 26th of January.


4 thoughts on “Facepalm

  1. You just verbally described every single day I spend on Facebook. I have face-palmed so many times my forehead hurts!

    Hilarious read!
    And here’s one :

    Facepalm : If you upload 146 photos of your cat, dog, donkey, or yourself in similar pose.

    Happy Blogging!

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