Ok,I’ve been accused of portraying too much of hatred on my blog.Despite of the fact that the hatred is right from the heart.Humans.Sigh.
So maybe, I’ll shower some love.Before that I want to get a few things off my mind.Please?
Firstly.Russia what the fuck is up with banning the Bhagwad Gita.Uncharacteristically,I’m siding with my country on this one.Atleast,partly.Deficiency of Vodka is it?The extreme winter getting into your citizens heads,Mr.Mendev?Do you realize the irony involved in the process of YOU people branding the Gita extremist?
Tumhare Irodov ne self-confidence ki dhajjiyan uda di IIT-JEE ke time,we didn’t ban him.
At the same time,B –‘nuts for brains’-JP and Sushma ‘totally lost it’ Swaraj,that is no reason to go after the parliament and make absurd requests to make it our national book.I’m sure this may come as a shock to you but we are a secular country.Surprising,right?

Secondly,Mr.Anna Hazare.I have actually made a dozen pejoratives synonymous with your name.Not using it here because your initiation deserves respect.Which is long lost,by the ways.You remind me of a healthy cocktail of Mohammad Bin Tughlaq,Morarji Desai and Ricky Pointing.To put it in a better a way,a cocktail of idiocracies,peculiarity and lost talent,respectively .The semi-facist demands and remarks have tampered what little purpose was left in the agitation.I’m not giving any justifications.If you share my viewpoint,I’m glad.Else,I’m glad too.

Thirdly and fourthly,Kapil Sibal and TRAI.
Kapil Sibal,Alma Mater-Harvard Law School,seriously?One laptop per child,seriously?Akash tablet,seriously?Tampering with IIT-JEE(well no complaints there).
And now you want the internet screened.We ain’t no friggin’ China dude.We ain’t your Nani-amma’s domestic help.How about you screen my middle finger instead?In a country where the Government feels it’s employees are incapabale of carrying on after 60,at 63 your most important problem in life is communal content and derogatory images?Grow a pair dude,grow a pair.
TRAI-Yes,Pranab Mukerjee once got a call about home loan.Which has lead to the limit on SMS.Which does not have an elephantine impact but the idea of oppression sucks.Sucks harder than Paris Hilton on crack.

And finally,2012.Please don’t be a bitch.Please.I have high hopes pinned on you.For all I care,you can end the world but you don’t have to be a colossal bummer.You’re getting Sachin’s 100th ton anyway.
2011,get the fuck out you non-productive piece of shit.Oh,I forgot.Sorry,you gave us our world-cup.
That nullifies your disappointments(to an extent) maybe.

End of rant.

Ya,so getting rid of accusation time.Winter does not seem to be a bad time.Vacations don’t seem to be bad either.I’m trying to salvage,whatever I can from the ruined vacations caused by results.Which works fine for me,because mom will always be there to surprise you with pav-bhaji for breakfast and by getting Oreos and Pringles.Not just food,but you know,all those things moms do.Football too!One can never forget their first love.Very few things in life give more pleasure than cutting through early morning winter fog on the dew covered grass with your football.The dusk comes way too early for my liking,yet football continues with mud smeared shorts and dust filled lungs.Not to forget the liberty offered by urban pleasures.Hyderabad was never so crowded with KFCs and McDs.The divine pleasure of tasting a Mc Spicy Chicken after 4 gruelling months is out of this world.The potpourri of urban chaos,girls(dearth of options in Trivandrum),roadside food is heavenly.This will end in about a week or so.We’ll grow old come 2012,our earth would have completed one more revolution,MTV will indulge in more senseless shows,USA will still have troops in Afghanistan, and Lalu will continue to entertain.After looking forward,I’ve realized,rather alarmingly that this will be my penultimate year in college.Things tend to get serious.I for one,can’t wait.


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