Arrey India sir,yeh cheez durandar

“The Indian voter has spoken and it’s a victory for democracy.” screamed the news reporter in a desperate attempt to sensationalize the election results.I overslept and happened to miss out on my lectures and relied on internet television to humor me for the rest of the day.To be honest,I was looking forward to this day and Uttar Pradesh did not disappoint.

Uttar Pradesh happens to be the ‘ground zero’ of Indian politics,and in retrospect;it always plays a key role.No wonder,Rahul Gandhi has made it his personal agenda to make this state as a Congress strong-hold.But some things are not meant to be and the regional leaders of UP are too cunning to let of go of their state easily.So Samajwadi Party won,maybe for the good(?).This is a party which once brought forward the policies of ‘anti-english’ and non-dependence on computers,SP is also synonymous with ‘goonda raj’.What was their coup de grâce this time around ?They promoted Akhilesh Yadav extensively,the incessant ‘prachaar’ of absurd policies involving muslim quota(which is only possible if the constitution is shredded into pieces) and from what the results show,a lot of people fell for it.Mind you,muslims form around 18% of UP’s population.And,SP’s inclination towards votebank politics paid off.This has been the case in general.Every party over-relied on its loyal bloc of voters.BSP on the back ward casts,BJP on the Brahmins,Congress on whatever it could salvage.This saddens me,for it implies cast-bank politics is the general disposition in this part of India and the average Indian voter has an identity crisis.Polarized opinions have also been a stumbling block for BSP.2007 elections are in ambivalence with 2012.BSP had offered seats to dalits as well as the upper castes back then and their slogan was ‘Haathi nahin, Ganesh hain, Brahma, Vishnu Mahesh Hain’ which captured voters,but the promise of turning Uttar Pradesh to Uttam Pradesh was a bleak one.Did SP ride the anti-incumbency wave?I’d like to think no,contrary to what the track record suggests.You perform,you stay.Don’t trust me?Ask Nitish Kumar.Mayawati was digging her own grave with public display of wealth.For christ’s sake,coming out on birthdays with diamond laden necklaces and constructing statues everywhere is downright stupidity in my book.

Other things I could analyze
1)SP did the right thing by promoting Akhilesh Yadav against Rahul Gandhi.People like to believe new leaders symbolize change.Congress did not promote any regional leader,regional elections are not Lok Sabha elections where one Rahul Gandhi is enough.One needs strong regional leadership,look at Mamta in West Bengal and Modi in Gujrat.SP delivered the suckerpunch and suddenly Akhilesh Yadav is Mr.Sexy.
2)Digvijay is a deluded moron
3)Standing up and taking responsibility of the results was a neat thing done by Rahul Gandhi,he hasn’t done anything to assert Prime ministership credentials yet but Congress would need him to perform in 2014.
4)BJP could have done a lot better.Not that I have an ounce of respect for this person but Modi could have changed their fortunes and the rift with Sanjay Joshi did not help their cause either.

What now?
2014 will be very interesting.The nuance of anti-incumbency is an outdated ethos.2G,Anna and Mamta have left the Manmohan government gasping for air.And BJP?Well,they won’t have it easy.One,too many internal feuds.Could 2014 be a 1996 déjà vu and see the return of Third Front?Will Rahul Gandhi finally stand up for Prime Minsiter?Will Modi be BJP’s prime face?Will TMC and Jayalalitha change loyalties?

India will be the stage of 2014 drama and trust me it will be of tantalizing proportions.Politics in the coming few months will offer better entertainment than cricket and bollywood combined.And more of MTV fed junta will join the voters list,some of them might confuse it with a Roadies vote-out.Quite a few people will vote for money and liquor.In midst of all this,the real cause will be lost upon people who matter.That dhoti clad farmer from Odisha will go cast his vote and afford himself a smoke in the night,sporting a gentle smile on his face.Politics is a funny old game.


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