The weekend in IIST

A lot of people were asking me to update my blog. Apparently, the absence hasn’t gone unnoticed. And then, IIST authority provided fodder for my blog.

IIST admin had a brainwave after looking at the Quiz-1 marks, so they devised an elaborate ruse to make sure we are devoid of internet and electricity before Quiz-2. Ergo, our laptops. The soul sucking, mind liberating devices of our daily entertainment. So what now?

Here is my 5 step plan for an equally good weekend.

1) Fill the whole corridor with water. Take a good run up and slide. You have a ‘do-it-yourself’ waterslide. You can spice it up with games like water hockey and stuff.

2) Inter-hostel ‘ Mafia ’ championship?

3) Spread rumors. Facebook and G-talk won’t be there to confirm stuff. And, make sure you add necessary details to bring in authenticity.

For example- “Sarvesh Kurane went to Dominos today, he’s got Cheese Burst Margaritas to cheer us up. Parth Sharma ne bhi thoda contribute kiya hai, Rohini 204 chalo sab!”

Spread a little anarchy. Make people run around.

4) Gangnam style flash mob in the mess?

5) Or, you could be a bore and rush off to the city. I suggest you to try a restaurant in ‘ Bakery Junction’ . Serves awesome sea-food. Prawns, Fish et al. I can’t remember the name.
Maybe you could visit ATF.


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