Bigg Loss

In my defence, I didn’t want to sit and watch the show but what followed was personification of decadence, a caricature of stupidity and an afterthought on human psyche.

My sister was watching ‘Big Boss’ on the television. Now I’ll be honest, I never really watch television apart from football matches but I did hear about the show and learned that pseudo famous people are invited over to stay at a ridiculous looking place for 30 odd days and complete tasks without contact from outside world all this time.

This is what I saw or atleast tried to deduce from what I saw. A woman named Urvashi was invited over to an enclosed room, she then handed over some instrument and left. All this time, some guy was blabbering instructions to her on the microphone. After this, two people were seen rotating a huge rod in a circular direction. While they were at it, a huge group of people just barged inside and started dancing over popular south-indian music tracks. Rest of the contestants arrived near that place and started shouting for no reason. The random people barging in was an apparent test to gauge the concentration of the participants carrying out the task. Very few things in life are more frivolous and trifling than watching people shout for no reason and add two people rotating a rod to that brouhaha.You get my point?
The sense of reasoning behind such a test and the whole fragment of episode left me uttering 10 WTFs per minute. People then went shopping with the points they won in the task being the denomination of currency. Which was strange because the shopkeeper was bargaining with them about the coffee powder being atleast 500 points.

Now the analysis.  Normally one shouldn’t judge people based on their grooming choices or sense of humor but, in what turned out to be a 15 minute long torturous watch you can’t help but judge people based on the above mentioned factors. One guy was wearing a plastic flower on his bald head and another one was wearing yellow shoes, light blue cargos, green jacket, yellow spectacles and had copper coloured streaks on his hair. He appeared as one mighty image of brazen stupidity. Apart from that we have people conversing using the following dialogue “ Agar mere mooh se nikala toh what derogatory? Who kitna derogatory baatein karta hain ladkiyon se?”

I don’t see how this show is unscripted but that is a different argument altogether. This show isn’t necessarily nonsense because nonsense can be a failed attempt to make sense but what I saw here was a fragment of idiocracy juxtaposed with buffoonery one would normally associate with a dog trying to cut its own tail. This show is an open market for prostitution of stupidity. And like every market has a demand and supply. This show very obviously commands a demand too. And for all those people watching the show. I have just one question ‘Why in the name of logic’s long lost mistress would you want to watch such a show?’

Here is what one could argue “ It is a source of entertainment similar to movies one can watch and forget.”
This unlike movies is a reality show and your subconscious is made to believe the scripted fights citing the reason of reality. And if you can derive entertainment from watching two people bicker over an omelette, you need to change your outlook on life. The greatest problem in one person’s life is the amount of dhanya powder in his omelette. And you have people crying and fighting over friggin’ dhanya powder on national television and in a show which apparently isn’t a work of fiction? This scares me, the vast majority of people fed on a diet of distasteful quarrels when there is a vote going on FDI in multi-brand retail.

Ok, people might not be interested in the economic growth of their country nor are they interested in anything meaningful but can you really judge a person based on the television they watch? The answer I like to believe is yes. People are just being white-collared stalkers, watching others go on with their lives in that house. They are being voyeurs without being branded one. No guilt trip as such. The question is not about chasing something constructive. It is about the impact of such a show on human psyche. Imagine yourself driving on a road and you watch two people quarrel. What do you do? You probably watch for about 5 minutes and drive away. Now imagine watching this on television in the comfort of your home for 45 minutes or make it an hour with mindless commercials. Again, imagine a bunch of 10 year olds learning the dirty politics involved in eliminating contestants. I don’t want to be the moral authority here nor am I questioning the procrastination preferences of people. All I am saying is it doesn’t make sense or as my dad generalized after watching the long drawn downward spiral, “People are mad.”


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