Open letter to Tarantino.

*No spoilers*
(For satirical purposes, maybe?)


I’ll make this short. First off, thanks man. Django didn’t disappoint me like Nolan’s TDKR. Your movies are essentially a bloodbath with an epic soundtrack. I’m not complaining, but you need balls to make absurdity look cool. Also, you need balls to use a rap song in a movie based in 1850s. And this is Amit Khanna’s answer in Quora to

How would one describe Quentin Tarantino’s style?

Tarantino movies revel in absurdity. There is a very interesting scene in Pulp Fiction: Bruce Willis picks up an automatic and points it at John Travolta ( emerging from loo). The two look at each other. Nothing  happens. They look at each other some more. Still nothing happens. Then all of sudden the toaster pops out a very burnt toast with a very audible click. Bruce Willis pulls the trigger. The question is “Would he have pulled the trigger if the toaster had not broken the trance?” Probably not.
(courtesy:Amit Khanna, Quora)

I think, this sums up everything I think of the implausible, preposterous cockeyed movies you make. They don’t demand an explanation, they address absurdity in a matter of fact way. Not many can appreciate the gore and violence, I have to confess you overcook it at times but that amplifies the beauty of the movie. I haven’t felt this way since Nolan’s ‘Inception’. I’ve had to survive on shit churned out by every other director since. Your style could be matched by Guy Ritchie on a good day but that explains the rarity of your breed. And thanks for casting DiCaprio and Christoph Waltz.
Thanks for the German accent, the early black american dialect, the humor involved with Ku Klux Klan. Thanks for everything.

Much appreciated. Awesomeness overload.

P.S: I couldn’t wait till March to watch the movie. Blame it on Indian distributors and my insecure self hoping not to stumble upon spoilers on the internet. A good internet connection always comes handy.Django-Unchained



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